Funny infomercial! How to stop negative thinking :-)


Have you heard of A.N.T.S.? Automatic. Negative. Thinking. Syndrome. Dr. Daniel G. Amen, created the acronym.

Here's another funny infomercial. WARNING! I drop the F-bomb.


You say the equivalent of 4000 words to yourself every minute. That's not a typo. This is from a new book I'm reading called, "CHATTER!"

If you are awake 16 hours a day you inner dialogue gives the equivalent of 320 State of The Union speeches per day! WOW!

Getting control of your inner dialogue, your chatter, is essential to your success and happiness. 

That's why I'm giving a Masterclass on Tuesday, March 30th. It's all about mastering your Point of Attraction, which starts with your thoughts and beliefs.

Please register here and learn The 3 Secrets To Mastering Your Point of Attraction. Start Manifesting More Abundance Faster, Easier, And More Consistently!

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