Having a bad day? Try this…

Hey hey!

Here's a wildly fun story with a great message!

Last week, I ran through the Mexico City airport to make my connecting flight! I ran past the tiny little exit sign. Not being able to read Spanish did not help.

I was starting to have a bad day! I would not let my canceled flight to LAX ruin my day! After all, I am a Deliberate Creator.

I had to remind myself that everything was working out for me several times. And I visualized myself arriving home safely and on schedule.

I lost my first-class seat due to the cancelation. Damn! My first-world problems are real. LOL

Then I found out I had to get another Covid test before boarding my plane to Denver through Atlanta. I missed that flight, thanks Covid test.

Having that 10 foot Q-tip stuck up your nose is a spiritual awakening! One moment I'm at the airport, the next moment I'm on a satellite having an Out of Body Experience.

Damn! Okay, my day started great, and now it's turning into a pandemic of fearful thoughts in my head.

Here's what I did, and that changed everything for me. If you are having a bad day, try this!

While waiting for my Covid test results, I visualized a beam of light shining down upon me. Source Energy loving me, angels all around me singing, "Feliz Navidad." Crazy - I know, but I was just in Mexico for Christmas.

Those shots of Tequila Christmas morning are still having an effect! Just kidding :-)

I put my hands on my heart and started breathing slowly. Five breaths in. Five breaths out. This technique is scientifically proven to relax you and create heart-brain coherence.

Within 2-minutes, I was floating on a cloud - Megan Fox is feeding me grapes. This sh*t works!

And then I had a thought, or better said, I received a thought from my Higher Self. If you miss your flight, Andy, you'll stay the night at the Hilton here at the airport. Relax.

Suddenly, I felt RELIEF. I'm in no rush to get back home.

That was it! That's always it! You are ALWAYS one thought away from feeling better. Feeling better is always the work.

Thoughts are powerful! Thoughts create emotions. Emotions lead to actions. 

I snap back to reality! The doctor handed me my Covid test results! NEGATIVE! "Feliz Navidad."

I book another flight leaving at 4:05 pm to Salt Lake City and then Denver. Everything went smoothly, and I arrived in Denver at the same time as my original flight. WooHoo!

I did enjoy a romantic comedy on the plane, “Long Weekend!” A down-on-his-luck struggling writer, meets an enigmatic woman who enters his life at the right time. The best part, she’s from the future.

Next time you are having a bad day or feeling stressed out! STOP! Put your hands on your heart. Visualize a beam of light shining down upon you. Call upon your angels, spirit guides, or ascended masters. Breath into your heart, inhaling for 5, exhaling for 5.

Allow yourself to receive or think thoughts that bring you relief.

You are always one thought away from feeling better! One story away from feeling better. Feeling a little bit better about yourself or your situation will radically shift your point of attraction.

Inside the Manifestor's Cafe, we practice the art and science of tuning into our hearts for guidance. We practice thinking thoughts that bring relief during stressful situations.

The transformations inside this community of Awakened Creators are impressive, manifesting opportunities faster. I love the people in the Cafe and what we are creating together!

I'm on a mission to educate, entertain, and radically change people's beliefs and ideas about what's possible. To teach people how to align with their divine and remember who they are and what life is about! If you want to be a part of a community of Awakened Creators and work with me, check out the Manifestor's Cafe.

Happy New Year,


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