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hope inspiration smile Oct 22, 2021

The life you want is not out there! It's inside of you :-)

Smile! Great things are on the way to you!
You are closer than you know - one day at a time.

The life you want is not out there. It's inside of you!

The Happiness you seek is not out there. It's inside of you.

You must be emotionally committed to what you are creating and who you are being and becoming.

You can't create a new life when you are holding onto the old version of yourself. Trust yourself, and step into the unknown. You are never alone.

Create a new vision, new beliefs, and start acting like your future self. You've got to get fired up and excited about making positive changes in your life. Every week we do this inside The Manifestor's Cafe.

You've been training for your dream life for years! Now is your time to become the hero of your movie.

You are more innovative and creative than you think, and you can handle the challenges you are now facing.

That's Right! Everything you need is inside of you!
That's Right! You are closer than you realize!
That's Right! Your future self is calling you forward!

I believe in you,


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