How to release your fear of success or failure










Get your booty in gear.

All your power is here.

Unless you let your FEARS get in the way.

How do you overcome your fears and live your dreams?

It all starts with belief. You have to believe it more than you doubt it!

When you combine your BELIEF with a VISION and take inspired ACTION, you can manifest results. Whether the results are on or off track. You’re making progress.

To remove the doubt and increase the belief, you want to ask better questions.

Here are 3 questions I like to ask myself when I’m working on my goals to strengthen the belief that I can achieve my dreams.

  1. What worked?
  2. What did I learn?
  3. How can I improve next time?

The answers to these 3 questions will give you more clarity and confidence and keep you moving forward.

Manifesting your dreams is a journey. The journey is what makes dreams coming true magical. If you manifested your dreams instantly, you would get bored fast.

Right now, you’re in the middle of a story. It’s your beliefs, and the questions you’re asking that will determine what you manifest.

Let’s create new beliefs by telling a new transition story.

That’s Right! I am asking better questions.
That’s Right! I am making decisions that move me in the direction of my dreams.

That’s Right! I'm believing in myself more and more.
That’s Right! I’m in the right place at the right time.

That’s Right! I love visualizing myself living the dream.
That’s Right! It’s impossible to fail.

That’s Right! I love the journey to the dream.
That’s Right! Today’s the day I get my booty in gear.

Please reply with 3 to 6 That’s Right sentences of your own and feel the new belief and story becoming your new reality.

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