I want it. I feel it. I know it's coming. Thank you!

Happy birthday to me and a new mantra for you 😃

This simple mantra I came up with enables me to relax and receive.

I want it. This means I have something that lights me up. A desire within me to experience something new.

I feel it. The feeling is everything. The only reason I want it is because of the way I believe it’s going to make me feel. The more I can start feeling it the more I can start living it now. The emotion is the jackpot not the manifestation.

I know it’s coming. Knowing something is better than believing something. When I know it, I no longer doubt it. I love knowing it’s coming and being detached from how I think it should look.

Thank you. This of course activates gratitude and appreciation and enables me to relax and receive.

That’s right! I want it. I feel it. I know it’s coming. Thank you.

Do you feel the alignment and flow of this mantra? give it a try. Say it now several times and really feel it.

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