It's Already Done

It's true! Your reality is a projection of your consciousness.

Here's how to receive what you have been asking for. New discount code below!

This will only take 3-minutes to read!

Whatever you want - already exists. The moment you asked for more money, the Universe (which is you) gave you more money. It's in the unseen reality made up of pure energy.

The money you want is on a particular frequency. You must consistently become the energy/ frequency of the FEELING the money will give you if you're going to see the money in your bank account.

Let the EMOTION be enough. How would you feel if you had the money or anything else you desired? Freedom. Joy. Security. That's the feeling you have to practice FEELING daily! If you don't know how you would feel, the Universe will fill in the details for you!

What if you practiced feeling grateful and appreciative? I know it can sound cliche to say, practice "being grateful" but are you feeling THANK-FULL every day? Have you ever practiced feeling joy for no reason? What if you started complimenting yourself and others? I bet you'd feel great, and you'd be able to receive what you want.

When you realize the EMOTION is enough, you can stop doubting yourself and trying hard. Create a new habit of exercising your emotions. Inside the Manifestor's Cafe, we have personalized flashcards with handwritten goals, inspirational quotes, and affirmations that generate positive emotions every day. This is something I practice daily, and it works!

Practice the FEELING of abundance!

Practice the FEELING of being in LOVE.
Practice the FEELING of having a breakthrough.

Practice the FEELING of having a healthy, pain-free body.

Practice the FEELING of friends you love to be with.
Practice the FEELING of knowing it's already yours.

Now let's visualize the best-case scenario. Followed with action to prove to yourself you believe in your ability to create your reality!

Go ahead and do this now. Give yourself 2 minutes and focus on the FEELING you desire. Visualize yourself being, doing, and having what you want. Give thanks, and let it go!

Now stay in that good-feeling place all day! That's the work; when negative emotions surface, don't become a victim of your emotions. Ask this question. I feel this way because..? This question reveals the false belief behind the negative emotion. More on emotions next week.

For now, KNOW that it's ALREADY YOURS and start feeling more gratitude and appreciation for the fantastic magical life you are creating and living. #itsalreadyyours #theemotionisenough #manifest

What EMOTIONS are most important for you to start feeling every day?

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