Life‘s a bitch, or life’s a beach.










Life‘s a bitch, or life’s a beach.

You get to decide.

What if… It could be easy?

What if… It could be fun?

What if… It’s all in your head?

What if… Today is the day you start believing it can be fun and easy.

It doesn’t have to be hard. I know better than anyone, I’ve made things harder than they need to be throughout my life.

Creating one T-shirt design back in the TUT t-shirt days would take me a week or two. Now I can create designs and poems in 15 to 20 minutes. LOL

When I change my attitude, I start feeling gratitude.

Let’s manifest a new story about how easy and fun it can be. Please comment with a couple of your own that’s right sentences.

That’s right! I’m beginning to believe it can be easy and fun.
That’s right! I’m becoming more playful.

That’s right! I’m allowing my work to be easy.
That’s right! I’m getting better at asking for help.

That’s right! I am tuning in to my higher self to receive guidance and answers.
That’s right! I’m beginning to trust myself.

That’s right! All the pieces are coming together.
That’s right! I totally got this.

Your turn. Leave three that’s right sentences below.

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