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love 2 love May 05, 2023

Love is a verb. Love is an emotion. Love is energy.

Read these love sentences and you will radically shift your POINT OF ATTRACTION.

I LOVE the feeling of being in the flow.
I LOVE how things are unfolding for me.
I LOVE knowing that things are getting better for me.

I LOVE the journey of becoming more of me.
I LOVE knowing that I am a work in progress.
I LOVE knowing that I'm divinely guided.

I LOVE relaxing into health, wealth and happiness.
I LOVE how things are showing up for me.
I LOVE how easy life can be.

I LOVE this human experience.
I LOVE how contrast brings me clarity.
I LOVE knowing that my higher self is guiding me.

I LOVE knowing that I’m on my path.
I LOVE knowing my worthiness!
I LOVE ALLOWING it to be easy.

I LOVE sharing my LOVE.
I LOVE knowing that I AM LOVED.
I LOVE LOVING YOU, I LOVE LOVING ME, I LOVE being LOVED, I LOVE creating, I LOVE dancing, I LOVE knowing that I AM a powerful Creator!

I LOVE knowing that life is for me.
I LOVE seeing the beauty in YOU.
I LOVE seeing the beauty in ME.

I LOVE this feeling of LOVE that's moving through me right now.
I LOVE my friends, I LOVE the birds, I LOVE the flowers, I LOVE the trees, I LOVE my home, I LOVE my life!

ARE YOU FEELING THE LOVE? Read these again if you want too. FEEL YOUR LOVE!

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See you in the cafe, Andy

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