I'll never forget this moment

STORY: I'll never forget this moment. A few months ago, I was at a community event fundraiser—many musicians and artists were performing and selling art. I saw one artist who looked sad and out of place.

After looking at his gruesome artwork, depicting pain and death, and speaking to him, he told me he was depressed and having suicidal thoughts. YIKES! He had been drinking a lot of beer to feel better!

He confessed that he was watching a lot of news, making him hate the world and feel powerless and lonely. I agreed with him about how depressing the news is and reminded him that our world has beautiful places and people despite the negative news. 

I was looking through his portfolio when I saw one of his art prints that blew me away! This piece of art stuck out like a red rose in a graveyard. It was a Buddhist monk praying with beautiful mountains in the background.

WOW! I complimented him on his incredible talent and diversity. I bought it for $45. When the money went from my Venmo account to his, I received the BIGGEST HUG and a HEARTFELT thank you! "A moment I will never forget!"

Here are a few reasons why it's good to plant the seeds of success in other people:

1- A rising tide lifts all boats. When one person succeeds, it can create a ripple effect that benefits everyone around them. By supporting others, we create a positive and collaborative environment where success is celebrated and encouraged. I love the weekly Zoom calls in the Manifestor's cafe where we do just that!

2- It feels good to help others. There's nothing like seeing someone you've helped achieve their goals or get unstuck. By supporting others, you can experience the joy of contributing to someone else's success.

3- You never know where it may lead. You can build new relationships and expand your network by empowering others. The person you help today can return the favor in the future or introduce you to new opportunities that you wouldn't have found otherwise.

Helping others not only benefits them but also has a positive impact on your signature frequency. When we empower others, we experience a sense of fulfillment and purpose that can elevate our mood and increase our happiness. This positive energy, in turn, raises our signature frequency and puts us in a better position to attract more abundance and positivity into our lives.

I invite you to join the Manifestor's Cafe, you'll receive weekly support on your manifesting journey. On every call, we do exercises to raise your vibe and shift your Point of Attraction. Don't let your current circumstances or the past hold you back; take the first step towards a brighter future by joining us today. The Cafe is loaded with goodies including:

  • Over 50 guided meditations and visualization in your library
  • Weekly calls to bring you back into alignment with your desires
  • One-on-one laser coaching with me on the calls
  • A supportive community of fellow Manifestors who will encourage you along the way

Thanks for reading my story. Have a great week!

I love you, Andy

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