How to manifest faster


Everyone wants to manifest faster.

In this 60 second video, you will learn what you are doing wrong so you can manifest faster.

We are manifesting all the time. But when it comes to the BIG STUFF, we get stuck in our limiting beliefs and story. We focus more on what's wrong with us instead of what is right.

Our focus determines how we FEEL and how we feel is how we ATTRACT.

Focus = Feeling and how you feel is how you attract!

When you KNOW that there's going to be a LAG TIME before your desires manifest you can shift your focus to enjoying the meantime.

When you enjoy the unfolding KNOWING it's coming, you can relax into the FEELING of it's done! YAY!

That's Right! I'm focusing on moving forward.
That's Right! I'm feeling better about my situation.
That's Right! I'm believing in my dreams.
That's Right! It's done!

That's Right! I know it's on the way.
That's Right! I love being able to think thoughts that feel good.
That's Right! I'm being guided by the way I feel.
That's Right! I love feeling the power of creation.

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