How to manifest answers

andy dooley manifesting Jun 02, 2021

When you drop into the flow of Source, you will manifest the answers, of course.

Have you ever tried so hard to make something happen, me too?

Have you noticed when you stop trying so hard? It happens! Duh.

That's because when you let go of making it happen. You're letting go of the stress and frustration, and you open yourself up to receive.

Today, notice what makes you frustrated and stressed out. STOP doing whatever it is for 5 minutes and change your focus. Then quiet your mind. Ask yourself this question. If I wanted this to be easy, how would I do this differently?

Imagine the best-case scenario happening in your mind. Find the feeling of relief.

Say to yourself. "I did it. I figured it out. Thank you. "Do this for at least 68 seconds. Get up and do the happy dance, saying, "It works. I finally figured it out. It was right under my nose. Woo-Hoo!"

This works every time because it's always feeling first, manifestation second. Give it a try and email me back how it goes! If you would like to explore one-on-one coaching with me, I have a few spots opening up soon. Learn more

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