Do this to manifest faster

The number 1 question I get asked all the time? How do I manifest faster?

Let me give you my simple triple A formula.

Appreciation is the first A. Start by appreciating the good and the bad. You have to appreciate who YOU are becoming in the process. Celebrate your progress. Look how far you have come. YAY!

Learning to appreciate your unfulfilled desires is where your power is!

Appreciate what you're learning the opportunities you're attracting. Appreciate your Higher-self is guiding you by your emotions.

Appreciation is my favorite emotion to feel and cultivate daily. I start every day appreciating three things and reviewing my flashcards.

Alignment is the second A. You are always after the feeling your manifested desire will give you, which is usually the feeling of freedom, security, romance, health, and harmony. etc.

What will your desire give you? Embody that feeling as often as you can. Deliberately choose to feel good in advance! Because how you feel is how you attract.

Remember, it's ALWAYS feeling first, manifestation second.

The easiest way to align with your dreams is to tell yourself the STORY of how it happened for you.

It's called Story Manifesting. We practice Story Manifesting inside the Manifestor's Cafe. It's a powerful way to align with your desires.

Think of what you want to manifest. What does it look like, and how does it feel? Tell the Story of how it manifested in your life and watch how fast you start manifesting everything you want. LET IT COME 2 U.

Allowing is the third A. You'd think this is the easy part. Most people get stuck in trying to make it happen. Therefore, not allowing it to happen. You have to become the energy of your desire. Once you become the energy, then your desires fall into your lap.

Allow your dreams/ desires into your life by believing & feeling them before they show up. Celebrate everything on your journey.

Don't wait for your dreams to manifest to feel good. If you need an excuse to feel good, how about this.

You won the lottery called YOUR LIFE.

Allow yourself to daydream. Allow yourself to celebrate and dance around your kitchen. Allow yourself to tell an incredible story and live an incredible life. Because when you ask, it's always given. BOOYAH!

What can you APPRECIATE today?

How can you ALIGN with your dreams and desires today?

What positive emotions are you going to ALLOW yourself to feel today?

Let's activate your new story now.

That's Right! I'm appreciating my journey.
That's Right! I'm appreciating who I'm becoming.
That's Right! I'm appreciating the contrast.

That's Right! I'm in alignment with Higher-Self.
That's Right! I'm aligning with the joy of my desires.
That's Right! My alignment is key; it's what sets the resistance-free.

That's Right! I'm allowing myself to FEEL GOOD NOW.
That's Right! I'm allowing everything to be light, easy and fun.
That's Right! I won the lottery called my life!

Email me back 3 to 6 of your own THAT'S RIGHT sentences to FEEL GOOD and have FUN!

If you’re ready to get back your manifesting mojo and want to join a robust community of Deliberate Creators, then I welcome you to learn more. We’d love to have you in the Manifestor's Cafe!

Happy manifesting,


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