Must Watch! Baby Deer Responds To Compliments!


>> Watch For The Tail Wags And Head Nods!

This video proves that everything we think and say EFFECTS others, including animals!

What you think, feel, and say is FELT by others and creates your reality!

I know you know the power of your thoughts to CREATE or DESTROY!

You can build yourself up or tear yourself down.

Our bad habits of negative thinking, caring what other people think, and being our worst enemy kill our positive momentum.

Every day we have a choice to speak words of kindness and praise or to criticize. Let's speak some words of kindness and praise.

It's time to BE NICE to ourselves. Let's tell a BETTER STORY!

I am a Source Energy Being having a human experience.
I am learning and evolving and becoming my best self.
Positive changes are happening for me :-)

I'm taking time for me.
I love who I am becoming.
My past does not define my future :-)

I'm feeling and honor my emotions.
My emotions are guidance from my Higher-self.
I love feeling my way forward into the best-case scenario. YAY!

I'm keeping it light, easy, and fun and making my alignment number 1.

Taking time to be NICE to yourself daily will radically improve your Point of Attraction.

When you step back and see the big picture, remember that you are dreaming right now. The more significant part of you is dreaming you into existence. WHOA!

Lighten up on yourself. You are loved, and you are worthy. It's all working out for you because your Higher-Self is ALWAYS with you, guiding you. Drop in and listen!

How you feel is how you attract. The better you feel, the more you allow!

The only thing the Universe responds to is how you feel right now! In this moment you can feel good or feel bad? You get to decide!

Have a great week! Andy

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