"My whole life, I've been playing small."

Rachel said, "My whole life, I've been playing small."

Have you been playing small?

Everything is changing. Now is the time to RISE UP into the new energy on Planet Earth.

Now is the time to divorce your limiting beliefs.

Can you feel the energy?

During my new 6-week interactive online transformational experience, "Manifesting From The Heart," I've created a new process for uncovering your limiting beliefs called, The Belief Matrix.

When uncovering your limiting beliefs, start with a dominant-negative emotion, you feel about any subject.

Rachel said she felt stuck and powerless in her life.

I asked her, "In order for you to feel this way, what must you believe is true?"

She said, "I am not good enough."

Q. I feel this way because...?
A. I was never seen.

Q. I feel this way because...?
A. I wanted my father's love and attention.

Q. I feel this way because...?
A. I don't know how to love myself.

WOW! Do you see how quickly you can uncover your limiting beliefs?

There are several more questions to ask when doing the Belief Matrix process, which I cover in my new program.

Uncovering your false beliefs is the first part and then creating and installing new beliefs and emotions, is the second part, and creating the  vision is the third part.

My next 6-week interactive online transformational experience will be starting Sept. 22nd. If you want to divorce your limiting beliefs, get clear on where you are going and who you are becoming please join me by adding your name to the wait list :-)

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