Camping Adventure. Ouray, CO.


Last weekend I went on another road trip camping adventure!

My friends and I went hiking, tubing, star gazing, and soaking in the hot springs in Ouray, CO. I took my mountain bike with me too.

One of the most incredible experiences was hiking a waterfall. See the 60-second highlight video! Also, watching the meteor shower was genuinely magical.

On the back of my car, I have a bike rack that requires you to strap the bike to the frame.

Packing up to drive home, I failed/ forgot to strap my bike to the rack! The bike frame was sitting in the grooves but not strapped.

If the bike falls off going 65mph. It will be a fiasco. If the car behind me runs over my bike, oh sh*t, I don't even want to think about that.

Unbeknownst to me, my bike was hanging on for dear life, I'm jamming loud music in my car, feeling like a rockstar. I'm a clueless happy camper :-)

After about 3 hours of driving, we hit slow traffic, which eventually came to a standstill. Suddenly, I have this super strong impulse to grab a IZZE drink out of the cooler in the back of my car.

Sitting in traffic, I put my car in park and jumped in the back seat to grab the cooler. Damn, I can't reach it! I run around the back of my car to the other side and grab the drink out of the cooler. Success.

As I'm running around the back of the car to the driver's seat, I notice my bike is not strapped to the rack, yikes! A very bad accident was waiting to happen, I quickly strapped the bike frame to the rack and jumped into the driver's seat, and traffic started moving again!

Hallelujah! THANK YOU, Higher-Self, for guiding me with an impulse to have an IZZE drink, which inspired me to notice my bike.

Within 15 minutes, we drove up a bumpy mountain road, cars, and trucks behind me. I know one of those bumps would have easily thrown my bike off the rack onto the road leading to a fiasco.

The message I want to share with you today is to KNOW your Higher-Self is always offering you guidance through your emotions!

Q. Are you honoring your gut feelings?
 Are you feeling the inspiration that is constantly being offered to you?

It's all about feeling the subtle energy. The more you meditate and develop your relationship with your Higher-Self, the more you are in tune with your emotional guidance. The more divine timing you experience!

Maybe you hear words or get a visual image that includes a solid feeling to move in a particular direction—practice feeling into the subtle energies always offered.

We are all waking up to our divine guidance! Every week inside the Manifestor's Cafe, we practice tuning into our Higher-self, feeling our way forward. It's not always easy. Our monkey mind wants to run the show. Being in 4th density is all about living from your heart, feeling forward, and leading with love.

I'd love to invite you to experience the Manifestor's Cafe where we practice a variety of tools for being in alignment!

Every Wednesday, we meet at 12pm PDT & 4pm PDT, so you can feel connected, supported, and inspired every day.

  • New tools for manifesting faster
  • Laser coaching with me
  • Getting unstuck
  • Creating your future self

 and so much more. Learn more about how The Manifestor’s Cafe can help you accelerate your dreams into reality!

Happy manifesting, Andy



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