It's ALL inside of YOU ❤

It's ALL energy.
It's ALL an illusion.
It's ALL inside of YOU ❤

When you become the energy/ vibration of your desires everything you have been asking for starts showing up in your life, in the most amazing ways 🙂

Who are you being today? How is your energy/ vibe?

Don't let other people and the REALITY of the situation dictate how you feel. When you do, you're giving away your power.

You are ALWAYS in control of how you feel.

It's NOT always easy to control how you feel when facing difficult people/ situations but, you do have the ability to change your focus, your thoughts.

You can change the meaning you are giving to the situation. And how you feel about the situation will change 🙂

That's self-empowerment.

And the better you feel the better everything goes 🙂

What situation are you facing right now that's bringing you down?

What if you changed the meaning?

What if you found the gift in this difficult situation?

It's impossible for a problem to exist, without there being a solution. But the solution is invisible to you if your energy is in fear or stuck in negativity, and blame.

One of the quickest ways to change how you feel is to move your body! Dance, go for a walk. Strike a Power-Pose!

Be the creator of your life, not a victim of circumstance!
Be the energy/ vibe of what you desire.

Let go of the problem and focus on solutions. Reconnect to your heart!
Every week inside the Manifestor's Cafe we talk about the practical application of being a Deliberate Creator!

How to overcome obstacles, how to find the gift in the situation and how to have more fun now, not later.

Tell me what you're facing right now that's bring you down and I'd love to respond with a new perspective or share one of my tools with you!

Remember, It's ALL energy. It's ALL an illusion. And the answers are inside of YOU ❤

Big love,


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