Captivating street art, read this poem :-)

Last weekend I was downtown Boulder checking out the new art murals. This is not my art, but it is my poem. The artist is Austin Zucchini-Fowler. 

A green hand and a blue hand,
Met one day on a patch of land.

They saw the world in different hues,
But longed to create something new.

They reached out and took each other's hand,
And began to dance across the land.
Their colors swirled and intertwined,
And soon a rainbow they did find.

Red, orange, yellow, and violet too,
Joined the green and blue,
A glorious sight for all to see,
The beauty of their unity.

So let us embrace each other's differences,
And celebrate all the colors of existence.
For when we stand together as one,
We'll illuminate the world like the shining sun.

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