Surprise you are the creator of your life!

Surprise, you are the creator of your life!

But, you already knew that!

The question you're asking is, how do I create more of what I want and less of what I don't? I got your answer.

You're creating your life by the thoughts you think and the beliefs you hold, and the emotions you feel, which makes up your Point of Attraction.

You can change your life by changing your beliefs using That's Right affirmations. Read these affirmations and feel your energy shift!

That's Right! I am the creator of my life!

That's Right! I get to choose what I believe!

That's Right! Everything is working out for me.

That's Right! I am beginning to feel better about myself!

That's Right! I'm beginning to have more fun.

That's Right! I'm focusing on being happy.

That's Right! I'm enjoying the journey.

That's Right! I'm telling my Transition Story.

That's Right! I'm beginning to feel more optimistic.

That's Right! I'm always in control of how I feel.

That's Right! I love being able to think different thoughts.

That's Right! I love being able to change my focus to feel better. 

That's Right! I'm feeling better!

That's Right! I'm letting it be easy!

That's Right! Being happy is the prize, not the manifestation.

That's Right! I'm getting better at feeling better!

That's Right! I love being on the Bliss train.

That's Right! I love focusing and flowing Source energy!

That's Right! I'm allowing myself to be creative!

That's Right! I'm allowing myself to be playful and fun!

That's Right! I'm allowing my heart to guide me!

Do you feel more optimistic and energized after reading those That's Right affirmations? If not, reread them until you feel a shift!

That's Right affirmations, are a powerful tool to rewire your brain and install new beliefs, which will change your Point of Attraction. 

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Next week you'll be able to pre-register for my free Masterclass, which will show you how to radically transform your Point of Attraction.

Happy Love,


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