The Five Steps of Creation for Deliberate Creators on Planet Earth

It’s happening
Right now
It’s on the way to you
Keep believing

Have faith
You are worthy
Enjoy the meantime
And it will be a short time

I’m looking forward to sharing with you Abraham’s five steps of creation, for deliberate creators on planet earth.

It’s been an incredible journey of breaking down each of the five steps so you can really get it.

Working on the landing page and videos that go with it. Then I’ll be doing webinars to teach Abraham fans how to really apply the teachings into their life.

One of my big takeaways from writing this little book is that it’s all about being happy, and seeking joy!

My intention for 2020 is to BE HAPPY. And there is always something to be happy about. I’m allowing happiness to be my guiding light.

Overall I am happy with my life and everything I’m doing. But I realize there’s a lot more room for me to feel even happier, and share that happiness with others.

It’s been said that the obstacle is the path. And I agree with that. I also think happiness is the path and no doubt we’ll encounter obstacles on that path. It’s much easier to face obstacles when you’re happy.

I’ll be talking more about the science behind happiness because now there is more research than ever before. And there are so many things we can do that make us happy and feel good. We’re just not doing them because we’re letting stupid stuff and distractions get in the way.

We let reality kick her ass because it’s not how we want it to look. Forgetting were the ones that created the reality, to begin with. Lol

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What makes you happy?

How could you be happier?

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Activate your happy, no need to feel crappy.

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