The hard to believe “secret” to manifesting

I am blown away with the PS of an email I just received. (see below) 

"PS, you made a very large impact in my left - I met you in Las Vegas at the "Vibration-Activation-Manifestation-Find-the-Paint" seminar - many moons ago - 2012? 2013? regardless, it was impressive and has made a lasting impression.

Thank you, Annabelle

PS I repeatedly find the paint ;)"

Have you heard me tell my story? I FOUND THE PAINT!

The reason I continue to tell the “I FOUND THE PAINT STORY” is because 90% of people (just made that statistic up) are still going about manifesting their desires wrong.

The art of manifesting is backward from how we have been taught life works.

We live in a world that rewards good behavior and accomplishment, which makes sense. Do a good job, get a paycheck, feel good. Achieve a goal, get happy.

But the hard to believe "secret" to manifesting is to GET HAPPY FIRST!

Why is getting happy first so important?

Because how you feel (vibrate) is how you attract.

That's the LAW! Break the law, and your dreams will never come true. That might sound harsh, but you’re always in control of how you feel.

You don’t need to go down a variety of rabbit holes trying to figure out why the Law of Attraction doesn't work for you. It’s working all the time for you based on how you feel

It's not your chakras or astrological sign. And it's not Mercury going retrograde. LOL, all those excuses give away your creative power.

It's YOU, not allowing yourself to feel good and be happy first. 

Here's my new, improved saying that might change your life forever.

Get happy first, manifest your dreams second.

What is the number one reason to get happy first? You won the lottery called your life. That's all the reason you need to let yourself be happy.

Albert Einstein said, "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."

I'm confident you agree with me that everything is a miracle. The fact that you're reading my words right now and hearing my voice in your head is a miracle.

You can no longer let the "conditions of your life" dictate how you feel. If you're going to be a Deliberate Creator, then you must deliberately allow yourself to feel good and be happy.

Don't ask the conditions to change, you change, and the conditions will change. 

It's time to allow yourself to feel good and BE HAPPY TODAY, exactly as your life is right now.

Very soon, you will be able to read my new book, THE FIVE STEPS OF DELIBERATE CREATING ON PLANET EARTH. Inspired by the teachings of Abraham Hicks.


This book will give you the step-by-step process you need to activate you're happy and let go of the crappy.

That’s right! I’m beginning to feel good.

That’s right! I’m beginning to get happy.

That’s right! How I feel is how I attract.

That’s right! I won "the lottery" called life.

That’s right! I’m becoming more optimistic.

That’s right! Everything is working out for me.

That’s right! Being happy now is my daily goal.

That’s right! Feeling good is the prize, not the manifestation.

That’s right! I love being a Deliberate Creator.

Email me back 3 to 6 of your own THAT'S RIGHT sentences to focus and flow your energy, so you can GET HAPPY!

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