One of your secret weapons

secret weapon Dec 19, 2022

Don't let your past define your future

Keep all the lessons and learning from your past.

Those past experiences, good and bad, are priceless.

The mistake most people make is putting labels of limitation on themselves because of what happened in the past.

IE. Even though you have yet to figure out what you want to do when you grow up does not mean you have failed!

Just because you're divorced three times does not mean you are unworthy of love, and you're supposed to be single for the rest of your life.

You get to create the MEANING of everything that happens in your life. That's how you become a master of the illusions! That's self-empowerment.

I love this quote from Bashar.
"When you see everything as a gift, you will spend the rest of your life opening presents!" -Bashar

ASKING QUESTIONS is the best way to find your gifts! It's your secret weapon. Whatever difficult situation you are now facing and feeling, ask yourself these questions.

1- What's the gift in this situation?
Sometimes it's not easy to see because we want to blame someone else. One of the gifts that's often overlooked is the gift of CLARITY! You are now much clearer on what you do want in a career or relationship. You might think you are not worthy of something better, but it's too late. The Universe has already answered your request and is holding it for you!

Your work is to let go of the BS holding you back and expand into your future self! Two things required of you that will make a difference is EFFORT and ATTITUDE! You're always in control of your EFFORT and ATTITUDE!

EFFORT: Take 15 minutes and ask yourself what's the gift/s in your situation. Clearly define the issue at hand and try to identify the root cause. What are the possible solutions? Brainstorm as many options as you can, even if they seem unrealistic or unlikely.

ATTITUDE: How's your attitude about the problem? It would be best if you had an excellent attitude to manifest a solution. Accept your situation, and visualize yourself on the other side of it! You're in control of your attitude. Use your imagination.

PRACTICE POSITIVE SELF-TALK: IE. I know there's a solution, and I'll figure this out. My higher self is always guiding me. Every day I show up, I'm getting closer to the solution. I'm on my path to feeling better and manifesting solutions! It's already done. And I'm tuning myself into the solution!

Go ahead and do this now! Practice positive self-talk, visualize the end result, and then take inspired action toward your desired outcome.

Remember, everything is always working out for you and you are a badass mf sorceress of light!

I love you SOul much,


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