This happened to me while I was hiking


Last weekend I was meditating in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado.

Suddenly my mind opened up, and I could see and feel all the amazing things happening on planet earth. All the unique experiences people are creating for themselves.

Right now, people are saying I LOVE for the first time.

Right now, someone is writing a book that will change people's lives forever.

Right now, people are laughing and dancing all over the world.

Can you feel the creative love energy that's inside of you? It's all around you. It is YOU.

U CREATE YOUR REALITY, and when you shift your focus onto the magic of life that is happening around you, inside of you, your Point of Attraction changes, and you attract more of what you want!

You are a manifestation of the divine experiencing life on planet earth.

You are the dreamer that is now awake in the dream of life. And your life is about to become even more magical and beautiful.

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