This quote changed my life

thoughts become things Mar 18, 2022

These 3 simple words changed my life.

Short story: Back in the 1990s, my mother, brother, and I started selling TUT t-shirts out of a pushcart! One day at the TUT warehouse, Mike was talking about the power of thoughts and imagination after reading a Seth quote, and he said to me, "Thoughts Become Things, Andy! Just think about what you want, and the Universe will give it to you!"

I put Mike's little quote to the test! I started thinking about ice cream while working at the pushcart on a hot summer day in Florida. I thought about getting mint chocolate chip for about 2 minutes, and then I was busy selling t-shirts to tourist. I loved meeting people and telling them the hot spots to visit downtown Orlando.

I turned around, and one of my friends stopped by to say hi and had bought me an ice cream cone! It was mint chocolate chip! WOW! This sh*t works! Thoughts do become things! Thanks, Mike! 

Now you can wear the quote that changed my life! Or snuggle with a pillow or drink coffee/ tea and think happy thoughts! Everything is now on sale! 

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