what your emotions are telling you

"How Can I Always Be In Alignment?"

A client asked me, "how can I always be in ALIGNMENT (with Source Energy)?"

A. You can't. It's part of the human experience to be IN and OUT of alignment with Source, giving birth to new desires!

Don't you love being human? I do! Yes, being human is challenging. Planet Earth is a Masterclass, and you have to be very advanced to be here! If you're reading this, you're advanced :-)

That's what your EMOTIONS are telling you! When you feel good, excited, and optimistic, you are in ALIGNMENT! When you are feeling stressed out and fearful, you are not in alignment! I know what you are thinking. That's too easy. Let's make emotions more complicated! LOL

One of my favorite old-school sayings from Abraham-Hicks is, Tuned In. Tapped In. Turned On.

>> What does "TUNED IN" mean? It means to become TUNED INTO Source Energy! And remember, you are Source Energy! So it should be easy - right!? NO!

We, humans, make it hard to stay "TUNED IN" to Source.
We let things we can't control, control us.
We get upset about what other people think, say, and do!

>> What does "TAPPED IN" mean? It means you are tapped into your Emotional Guidance? Most people play the VICTIM to their negative emotions.

Your negative emotions are gifts of guidance!
Contrary to popular belief, negative emotions do not attack you!
You always have control over how you feel?

It's not always easy to overcome grief, sadness, and depression. I'm just like you, and I have experienced all three at different times in my life. If you are experiencing these emotions now, my heart goes out to you. You will find relief, and you will laugh and love again. Keep reading.

Whenever I'm feeling negative emotions, I FEEL IT! I stop and drop in, take several deep clearing breathes and ask myself this question, which is part of my BELIEF MATRIX.

In order for me to FEEL this way, what must I believe is true about me or this situation? Ka-Boom! The belief that is creating the negative emotion is revealed to me.

Usually, it requires asking several different questions, going deeper, feeling into the negative emotions, and really wanting to KNOW the answer. You can't half-ass the process. This is a process I use with my clients and inside the Manifestor's Cafe! It's impressive how it reveals the BELIEFS that are not serving you.

>> What does "TURNED ON" mean? It means you are TURNED ON by all of life! Including the contrast! You're AWAKE in the dream of life! 

You know that everything serves you if you look for the gift.
You realize that reality is giving you feedback based on your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.
You take full responsibility for every aspect of your life, and start kicking ass!

Do all three and you're SELF-EMPOWERED! You are a Deliberate Creator, and your life becomes a playground of opportunity and adventure! Love is who you are, and you shine like a star.

You are manifesting your desires faster and with less effort!
You are trusting yourself and the process.
You are celebrating and appreciating every breath you take because you are... TUNED IN. TAPPED IN. TURNED ON!
You wake up in the morning feeling like King Kong!
Singing your favorite song.
You are beautiful and sublime,
Loving your life, one day at a time.

I designed this coffee mug for the creators that get it! If you have read this far, you now get it!

I'm excited and thrilled to be on this journey with you, Eunice <3

I'M ON A MISSION to educate, entertain, and radically change people’s beliefs and ideas of what’s possible. To show and teach people how to align with their desires. To remember who they are and what life is about!

That's why I created The Manifestor’s Cafe to help you accelerate your dreams into reality.

Every Wednesday, we meet at 12pm PDT & 4pm PDT, so you can feel connected, supported, and inspired every day.

Tuned in, Tapped in, Turned on,


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