I Was Dancing With The Dead - Full Moon Ceremony


Tune in :-)

There is an abundance of support around you right now!
Are you tuning in?

This past weekend I was at a Full Moon Ceremony, where I was invited to do the opening guided meditation/ visualization.

It was powerful
It was transformational
I was dancing with the dead

It's happening faster than ever before! We are accelerating into a new world of unlimited potential and love.

Are you tuning into your emotions? Are you using your emotions to guide you?

Most people become victims of their emotions. Not having any idea that their emotions, especially their negative emotions, are guidance from their Higher Self, letting you know that you're forgetting, Heaven Is On Earth And Everyone Is An Angel.

I know that sounds very Woo :-)

It's NOT easy to remember when you're feeling angry or sad, to suddenly stop and say, "What I'm feeling right now is a gift, and this is guidance!"

It's easier to play the victim and blame the other people or the situation. But that's not what a Deliberate Creator does.

Next time you are feeling various negative emotions, ask yourself this question. "How does my Higher Self see this situation?"

They see YOU and the SITUATION through the eyes of LOVE and OPPORTUNITY! That's why, Heaven Is On Earth And Everyone Is An Angel.

Everything that happens to you is feedback. It's an opportunity to grow and find the gift in the situation.

Every week inside the Manifestor's Cafe, we talk about the practical application of being a Deliberate Creator! How to master your emotions, find the gift in the situation, and how to have more fun now, not later.

Remember, you are not alone, and to start TUNING INTO your Higher Self, and tuning into solutions and opportunities.

If you are ready to become a Deliberate Creator and start accelerating your dreams into reality =>> Go see :-)

In case no one has told you today, I love you,


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