U R eXactly where you need 2 B

Q. How does that make you feel?

Being a life coach for the past 7 years, 99.9% of my clients feel like they should be further along.

Do you?

I thought by now I’d…

… have more money or be retired

… lost the weight and attracted by soulmate

… be happily married or joyfully divorced. LOL

Can you relate to feeling like you SHOULD be further along? It’s okay we all do it, myself included.

Here’s the problem. That feeling of, “I should be doing better”,  creates STRESS and resistance and slows down your ability to manifest what you desire.

Dude. The solution is to accept where U R.

Appreciate who U R and who U R becoming and celebrate everything!

You won the F’in lottery called LIFE!

I know at times your life does not feel like you won the lottery! More like you're stuck in a bad episode of, LOST.

As soon as you appreciate and celebrate you let go of resistance and you will start manifesting the money, career, relationship and healthy body. WooHoo!

That’s RIGHT! U R feeling good now.

That’s RIGHT! U R activating your best self.

That’s RIGHT! U R listening to the voice within.

That’s RIGHT! U R feeling it first, manifesting it FAST.

That’s RIGHT! U R eXactly where you need 2 B.

That’s RIGHT! All your power is right now.

That’s RIGHT! All your dreams are coming true.

That’s RIGHT! The Universe has your back.

U R eXactly where you need 2 B. And when you appreciate where you are you’ll begin to shine like a star.

You freakin’ got this, name!



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