you might not know this, but

Sometimes it's hard to believe you are creating your reality!

I'm sure there are some desires you have wanted for decades and still have not been able to manifest. I hear it all the time as a manifesting coach. "It's been over ten years. Where is it?"

What happens is we start chasing instead of attracting! 
As time goes on, we start believing it's not going to happen and that maybe we are cursed. I recently had a client tell me they felt cursed and trapped! Yikes, that's never true!

After years of coaching, this one subconscious block prevents people from manifesting what they want. It’s fear of the unknown, which does not FEEL SAFE. And how you feel is how you attract.

Does what you want feel unsafe?
Maybe getting what you want will alienate you?
Maybe you fear it won't last, so you'd rather not risk it?
Maybe getting what you want is unknown, and it feels unsafe.

None of the above are true. But if manifesting your desire feels unsafe, that could easily be why you still don't have it!

If you feel like this might be the case for you - and would enjoy working with me one-on-one, I HIGHLY suggest you set up a free call to learn more about my VIP coaching.

One of the things I do with my VIP coaching clients is a personalized guided visualization during each call. This is a powerful way to remove the resistance and have them start feeling SAFE and secure with manifesting what they want.

It blows my mind that I have been coaching clients for over ten years! I've helped my clients manifest money, find their purpose, heal their bodies, and attract their soul mates.

Recently one of my clients felt desperate to manifest money. Desperate is never a state of being you want to embody because it pushes all of our desires away from you.

After several coaching calls, she released the resistance and changed her point of attraction. She finally felt SAFE to manifest more money!

You see, she feared manifesting more money because, in the past, she shared a bank account with her partner and they had taken thousands of dollars from her. Therefore, it felt unsafe to manifest money even though she now had her own bank account.

Once she shifted from chasing to attraction, unsafe to safe, she radically changed her point of attraction.

On our last call, she shared the good news! She received a pay raise from her employer and a bonus check of $1500. YAY!

Today I want to remind you that you are so close to manifesting your big dreams! Whether it's money, a relationship, a healthy body, or a healing retreat center.

What you want already exists, and you have to become the energy/ vibration of your desire before you experience the reality of it. To manifest anything you want, it has to feel safe to receive. You have to stop doubting yourself and feeling unworthy.

I love working with my clients, and I can always find what's blocking them from what they want to manifest. After ten years of coaching thousands of clients, I know I can help you break through whatever is holding you back. Book a complimentary call today to see if we are a good fit for one another.

In case no one has told you today,

I love you, Andy

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