What If...

I love the possibilities these two words create!

Take 5 minutes to read these sentences and the story from one of my clients manifesting a better job. YAY.

What if… today’s the day you figure it out?

What if… your life is about to radically improve?

What if… you let go of wanting it so bad?

What if… you allow the Universe to figure it out?

What if… you started celebrating everything that’s happening?

What if… it could be easy and fun?

What if… you loved yourself a little more today?

What if… you start loving yourself like you love chocolate?

WHAT IF STORY TELLING is a powerful way to focus on the possibilities of experiencing and creating a new reality.


One of my clients we'll call her, Betsy was feeling stuck in her 9 to 5 job. She'd been wanting to quit for years but had no energy or time to find something better.

I reminded Betsy that nothing is going to change until she changes. And the best place to start is with her thoughts and the story she tells herself.

For a month on our weekly calls, we played, 'WHAT IF.'

What if you got your resume out there.

What if you started looking for a better job for 15 minutes a day.

What if you hired someone to help you.

What if you started getting ready for a new job.

What if you made a list of things you want in your new job.

What if you started feeling it first and manifested it second.

You get the idea.

These WHAT IF thoughts, simple as they are started to change Betsy's vibration of attraction. She began to believe it was possible, which lead to her listening to this EPIC GUIDED VISUALIZATION.

Every time she listened to it, she felt like she was on the way to manifesting a better job and life. It made her feel optimistic.

Next thing you know, she got an interview for a high paying job that was a perfect fit. But a week later they hired someone else.

"Andy, that was my job. I don't understand why I didn't get it?"

I told her there was something even better on the way and to keep thinking WHAT IF thoughts, tell the TRANSITION STORY of her new job and keep VISUALIZING to create the feelings she wanted.

I told Betsy, to remember, how you feel is how you attract. You can't attract a new job feeling stuck and unappreciated in your current job.

She got another job interview with a different company that did not seem to be her ideal job, but she felt compelled to find out more. She trusted the feeling and had a great interview. After the interview, they told her you're perfect for a different role in the company and to come back next week for another interview.

She could feel the good vibes, and it was now starting to feel just like she had felt when she visualized.

Betsy, told me, "I have this crazy good feeling that I'm going to get this job. And if I don't, that's okay because I know if it's not this job it will be something better."

A couple of days later I got a text message saying Andy, "You're not going to believe this. They offered me a job, and it's even better than I imagined. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"


WHAT IF STORY TELLING, combined with the TRANSITION STORY and VISUALIZATION is a powerful way to create whatever you want. A new job. A new relationship, etc.

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