What the Universe wants you to know

I am sharing thoughts about the power of the Universe and how you can start trusting your emotional guidance to manifest your deepest desires.

After all the years of practicing metaphysics and being a mindset coach, the most essential belief to adopt is that the Universe is always conspiring in your favor, even when everything is going wrong. I know it can sound like an oxymoron.

The Universe always conspires on your behalf and wants you to succeed in every aspect of your life. If you open yourself up to receive the countless opportunities and blessings available.

One of the keys to tapping into the Universe's power is to start trusting your emotional guidance. Your emotions are like divine guidance, showing you the path toward your true desires and passions. When you listen to your feelings and follow what inspires you, you align yourself with your higher self and the Universe's infinite wisdom.

Here are a few reasons why it's so important to start trusting your emotional guidance and how you can access it:

1- The Universe is always guiding you: The Universe is constantly sending you signs, signals, and synchronicities to guide you toward your highest good. When you trust the Universe's divine guidance, you can be assured that you are always on the right path.

2- Meditation and journaling can help you access your inner wisdom: Looking back on my journey, meditation, and journaling have played a critical role in processing my emotions and gaining clarity on my next steps. Meditation and journaling are powerful tools that help you connect with your higher self and access the Universe's infinite wisdom.

3- Daily reminders can keep you on track: Starting your day with a reminder of the Universe's support and guidance can help you stay focused and inspired, even when things get challenging. A mug with a positive message like "The Universe is Always Conspiring in My Favor" can be a powerful reminder of your connection to the Universe's infinite wisdom and abundance.

If you're ready to start trusting your emotional guidance and accessing the Universe's infinite wisdom, check out the Manifestor's CafeThe weekly calls help you tap into your higher self and the Universe's divine guidance to manifest your desires.

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Cosmic love,


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