What your emotions are telling you

This photograph terrifies me!

Why? Because I look a lot like my Dad!

I'm going to look like this one day without hair. I'm like a number two pencil without an eraser. LOL, my Dad had a full head of hair. You can't see it under his Dr. Seuss hat. 

Since my father's passing, here a couple of critical insights on feeling all the different emotions I have been feeling.

Edward Richard Dooley, Jr. made his transition on Feb. 5th, 2021. He was 85 years old. Read my tribute here.

I love how everything I have been studying, from being in alignment with my Higher Self to understanding my emotional guidance, is playing a critical role in my life right now.

I believe all of the emotions we feel are guidance from our Higher Self or Inner Being.

When I start thinking thoughts like, "I'll never see my Dad again, and I've lost my Father!" I immediately feel a disconnect from my Higher Self. I feel awful. WHY? Because I'm thinking thoughts that are not in-synch with my Higher Self. My Higher Self is holding the vibration of, ALL IS WELL.

The truth is my Dad is not dead! He's changed form, and he has returned home. When I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths, I can see and feel him. I have not lost anything, but I can believe in the illusion of loss.

My Higher Self is always giving my guidance in the form of emotion to let me know my thinking is not aligned with the bigger truth of how my Higher Self sees this situation. All is well. 

I'm enjoying the process of finding the beliefs behind my negative emotions by asking myself the question. For me to feel this way, what must I believe is true? Immediately I discover the belief that is causing the disconnect from my Higher Self. I LOVE IT!

I can quickly shift my thoughts and beliefs and start feeling better about my father's transition.

When I remember that life is an illusion, and no one dies! We are manifestations of Source Energy, and now is my time to live my life to the fullest. I feel great!

There's nothing like death to inspire the living. Now is our time to live, laugh, and love. May you find peace in any situation that is bothering you by asking the question, to feel this way, what must I believe is true?

Namaste, Andy

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