Why do our dreams and goals take longer than we think to manifest?

Well… this failed miserably at first.

I thought for sure it would be a big hit. Everyone would love it!

After months of writing and producing my first rap song, I failed.

Jeoffrey Hutchison, aka Hot chocolate, and I, performed the song, RAISE THE VIBE at Soulapalooza in Clearwater beach in November 2017. It was incredible to perform live to an audience that was singing along to the song. 

The next day nobody said anything about the song. Nobody asked if they could download it or even the story behind the song. Crickets.

Raise The Vibe, failed to take off, and become a hit.

I didn't think it would become a top 40 hit. But I thought it would be a hit among the participants.

I failed. Okay, I know failure is feedback an opportunity to improve. But nobody said anything!

It was the end of 2018, I was looking forward to 2019, and my intuition kicked in and said, "Andy do it again, perform, 'RAISE THE VIBE' at Train The Trainer in Denver!"

I called up Regena and said, "who is going to be on the crew that could perform with me?" "She said, Rakale!" I said, "that's AMAZING! Rakale can sing!"

I took action and reached out to Rakale, and she said yes. I got the music and lyrics to her. We rehearsed every second we could at the event between meetings. Saturday night, our moment to "RAISE THE VIBE" and rock the stage happened.

Let's say. We got through it. I forget some of the lyrics. I improvised my way through it. The crowd sang along and enjoyed watching me flub up the words. LOL

I failed again. But it was fun, and everyone watching was having fun! It's another opportunity to learn and make it better.

The next day nobody said anything about the song or the lyrics or how can I buy it?

But, Rakale said, "Andy let's record this song professionally and release it as a single, we can put it out on CD Baby and iTunes, and let's shoot a music video too!" You can buy the song here:

That was the best thing I ever heard! Rakale believed in the song and in me! Last summer, Rakale released her first album called, "The Other Side of Blue." It's her debut album of heartfelt, soulful songs!

I said I'd love to record my song with you in the studio! HELL YEAH!

Fast forward two months it's summertime, July 2019 and I've been traveling the country giving my SMART MANIFESTING workshop. 

I arrive in Los Angeles 5 days before my workshop to record the song with Rakale and shoot the video. Which I have no concept or idea for the video. But, I know I need to shoot video clips of us singing it and raising the vibe.

We booked the recording studio for 3 hours and used every minute of it. Jay Plot, the producer, was excellent and a master of Pro Tools. He loved the song!

We walked out of the studio, and it was like WOW! That was awesome. Once I got back home, I started editing together the music video. After a few different versions and finding the right video clips, I finish the video on September 25th, 2019.


A reminder to artist, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and influencers to enjoy the journey of creation. 

As a rule of thumb, it's going to take you longer than you think, usually 3 to 4 times longer. It's true, look back on your life, hasn't just about everything taken you longer than you thought?

Be honest! Writing your first book, starting the new business or career. Getting married or divorced. It all took you longer than you thought.

Of course, there are exceptions to this, where you have an idea, and within weeks or months, it's a finished product or service.

Enjoy the process, trust the process, and stay true to your vision and be the creator of your dreams.

If you enjoy the meantime, it will be a short time. If you do not enjoy the meantime, it will be a long time.

Here's too raising your vibe, learning from failure, and becoming the hero of your own story. Watch the video here.

- Andy

PS - A percentage of sales go to charitywater.org and Kuumba, 

PPS - Raise your vibe where every you go. iTunes & CD Baby.

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