Why positive affirmations can backfire on you, do this instead.

In 2020, Captain, I worked with a client who finally admitted she was stuck when it came to manifesting money and romance.

Money and romance cause a lot of pain for people, and I love showing my clients how to get unstuck!

She was saying the affirmations, "I love money and money loves me. I am now in a beautiful harmonious relationship with the man of my dreams!" And getting no results.

Have you ever said affirmations, Captain? Sometimes they work. Other times they can backfire on you! Let me explain why.

After several coaching calls and taking my client through my BELIEF MATRIX, it became apparent that she did not believe what she was saying. And she had several false beliefs she was unaware of.

She did not love money, and she hated the fact that she was in debt. She didn't believe she was worthy of a beautiful harmonious relationship. She also said, "I should be doing better than this!"

The big mistake most people make is affirming something they don't believe! Plus, trying too hard! 

Stop trying with action and start FEELING your way into your desires! Start feeling AS IF you already have it! I know you have heard that before, but most people feel the lack of their desires, instead of the presence of their desires :-)

We let reality kick our ass into believing the illusions are real.

Here are three ways to make your affirmations work like magic.
1- Believe and feel what you are affirming.
2- Say them every day, at least twice a day. Embody the feeling.
3- Say them from your heart, not your head. Say them from love, not fear. And enjoy the process.

When you finish saying your affirmations, you should feel different.

Many people make the unconscious mistake of saying affirmations from fear, thinking they are making their desires manifest.


When you say your affirmations from fear and lack, you're reinforcing that you don't have what you want! Therefore, staying stuck!

Realize you are saying your affirmations to change your POINT OF ATTRACTION, not to tell the Universe what you want!

What you want already exists! Your vibration is not in sync with your desires. That's why you have to change your Point of Attraction.

My client started saying her affirmations from love three times a day. She started feeling AS IF the money and man were already in her life. It was not easy at first. But in time and with practice on our weekly coaching calls, she changed her Point of Attraction!

Three weeks after clearing out her false beliefs and saying her new affirmations from love, she manifested a new job that paid more, and she met a great guy! TSW! This Sh*t Works!

If you would like to work with me one on one and you are ready to change your Point of Attraction so you can get unstuck and start manifesting with more speed and flow, then click here to learn more.

Imagine being held accountable each week. Divorcing your limiting beliefs and installing new beliefs, so you can change your Point of Attraction and receiving text message reminders that keep you on track! These are a few things I do to serve my clients!

One of my favorite affirmations is to start with the words HAPPY & FREE! Because we all want to be HAPPY & FREE!! As you know, the only reason you want anything is because of how it will make you feel! We are always after the feeling!

TRY IT RIGHT NOW! Say, I am happy and free, and the money is coming to me. By leading with the feeling, you will start to FEEL different. Thus, changing your Point of Attraction.

I am happy and free, and my lover is on the way to me.
I am happy and free, and my healthy body is on the way to me.
I am happy and free, and my thriving business is on the way to me.

When you say, I am happy and free; you must allow yourself to start FEELING happy and free in the moment. Start feeling happy and free more and more, until you embody the feeling consistently.

When you start feeling happy & free consistently, it will become your new POINT OF ATTRACTION, and everything you want starts showing up in the perfect way. It's the Law of Attraction in action.

It does take time, and it's hard to get outside of yourself to uncover your limiting beliefs and install new beliefs that change your Point of Attraction.

If you are feeling called to work with me, answer the application questions here. Pick a time to talk with me on my calendar, and we'll go from there.

Happy manifesting,


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