Why Step 3 is the key...

"Feeling Good Is Easy And We Make It So Hard!"

Allowing is powerful :-)

Before I discovered Abraham-Hicks, I was big into Tony Robbins and taking massive action. I still do if it's inspired action.

What a HUGE difference it makes when you are ALLOWING instead of FORCING things to happen.

According to Abraham-Hicks, Step 3 of the 5 steps of deliberate creating is the Law of Allowing. You want to relax and KNOW that it's done. When you relax and put yourself into the receiving mode, you are ALLOWING your desires to manifest easily.

Here's a quick review!
Step 1.
 You ASK; contrast helps you do that.
Step 2. It is GIVEN.
Step 3. Allowing your desires to manifest.
Step 4. Mastering Step 3.
Step 5. You're back in Step 1, and you celebrate it.

When you start BELIEVING, and your beliefs turn into KNOWING, you have changed your Point of Attraction.

When you start FEELING GOOD consistently, BEFORE your desires manifest, now you are ALLOWING your desires to manifest faster - into your life.

*IMPORTANT: It took me years to get this and live it. I'm still working on it!

You've got to be more invested/ committed to FEELING good now, being as HAPPY as you can be now, not later when you manifest your desires.

MANIFESTING IS EASY! We complicate it by letting reality dictate how we feel and caring about what other people think.

Feeling good is easy, and we make it so hard.

We make feeling good conditional. We have become addicted to the conditions being a certain way in order to feel good!

If the weather is nice - we feel good!
If our spouse and kids are nice - we feel good!
If you have a productive and creative day -  we feel good!

LET'S DO A 180!

If the weather is terrible - we still feel good!
If our spouse or kids annoy us - we still feel good!
If you have a terrible day - we still feel good!

That's how you get good at Steps 3 and 4. You tell yourself, no matter what the conditions, I'm going to feel good no matter what! That's self-empowerment! 

Every week inside The Manifestor's Cafe we are ALWAYS finding ways to feel good! New tools for releasing resistance and ALLOWING your desires to flow into your life.

I'M ON A MISSION to educate, entertain, and radically change people’s beliefs and ideas of what’s possible. To show and teach people how to align with their desires. To remember who they are and what life is about!

That's why I created The Manifestor’s Cafe to help you accelerate your dreams into reality.

Every Wednesday, we meet at 12pm PDT & 4pm PDT, so you can feel connected, supported, and inspired every day. Each month I deliver:

  • New tools for manifesting faster
  • Laser coaching with me
  • Live group visualizations
  • Community connection 

and so much more. Learn more about how The Manifestor’s Cafe can help you accelerate your dreams into reality!

And of course remember - that Everything Is Always Working Out For You!

Allowing my desires to flow,


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