You are not a prisoner of your past

You are not a prisoner of your past unless you live there.

All the creative energy you need to transform your life into an epic adventure is within you now.

No matter how many times you have failed, it doesn’t limit your present potential.

Today is a new day. Look at all the obstacles you’ve overcome.

Do you realize you have survived 100% of all your hard times and failures?

You are a cosmic gladiator of possibilities.
You are unlimited with your imagination.
And you are definitely 100% sublime, living life to the fullest having a good time.

Here’s an affirmation I have used over the years that has helped me let go of the past and unlock my potential.

I got it at a Tony Robbins seminar years ago. I’m not sure that he wrote it, but it’s great.

“At last, at last, the past is past. I’ve broken free and won. It’s now time to love myself, and really have some fun.”

Please share in the comments below one of your favorite affirmations for activating your power.

Now let’s activate a new story about the epic adventure you’re beginning to live.

That’s right! Today is a new day.
That’s right! Today I’m tapping into my creative power.

That’s right! I’m beginning to realize I’m more badass then I thought.
That’s Right! I’m beginning to feel my creative power and show up as a gladiator of possibilities.

That’s Right! I’m focused on what I want.
That’s right! I’m flowing source energy, and it feels f@#king great.
That’s right! I am 100% sublime and divine.

Leave 3 to 6 that’s right sentences of your own below.

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