You're never in the wrong place

If you create your own reality, then how could you ever be in the wrong place?

You might think you're in the wrong place, but you're not. Every place that you're in has the potential to be a great place.

Accept where you're at and change your perception.

When you look for the gift and the opportunity, you can transform any wrong place into a beautiful place.

Last year I was on tour giving my one day workshop, Smart Manifesting. I showed up in Boise, Idaho, and only nine people attended my workshop?

"Oh no, I'm in the wrong place. "

A couple of weeks before, I had 50 people in Phoenix!

I made the best of Boise and manifested a new client. It was well worth the trip. Plus, I got to hang out with friends and go horseback riding.

It's never where you're at. It's who you're BEING that determines where you're going.

Don't let the temporary illusion of a wrong place discourage you. You can change your reality fast by changing your perception and story.

Ready to tell a better story and change your perception?

That's right! I'm in the right place at the right time.
That's right! Things are always working out for me.
That's right! I'm telling a better story.
That's right! I see the best in myself and my situation.
That's right! I'm becoming a deliberate creator.
That's right! I'm looking for the gift in my situation.
That's right! I'm beginning to see the opportunities before me.

Please comment with 3 to 6 of your own that's right thoughts to activate new reality.

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