You won't believe this

your mind is a garden Jan 24, 2022

I know you have heard this metaphor before.

But don't dismiss it. Read the story below to get you in the flow.

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are seeds, you can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds. Every day is a gift. Focus on love, and feel a lift. Your emotions will guide you, feel the flow, listen to your heart, and you will know! YAY!

Here's a FEEL-GOOD STORY to raise your vibe.

I enjoy being a Deliberate Creator, knowing that life is my canvas and I'm the artist.

That's Right! I love planting seeds of JOY, love, and laughter.
That's Right! I love knowing that how I FEEL is how I attract.
That's Right! I love telling a BETTER story, and watching things get better! This sh*t works!

That's Right! I'm getting GOOD at feeling good for no reason.
That's Right! I'm getting good at being HAPPY for no reason.
That's Right! I'm excited about experiencing more abundance on many levels and sharing it with others.

That's Right! I enjoy laughing and having a good time, and it all starts right now by APPRECIATING what I do have.
That's Right! I am a MONEY maestro, and I'm back in the flow.
That's Right! My ABUNDANCE comes to me from the north, south, east, and west because my vibration is happy, and I am full of zest!

That's Right! My mind is a garden and I'm planting seeds of freedom, joy and growth!
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Now it's your turn. EMAIL ME BACK your short feel-good story.

Every Wednesday, inside the Manifestor’s Café, we practice telling better stories and listening to our hearts!

One of my favorite tools is STORY MANIFESTING, which is the art and science of activating a new point of attraction.

We are a fun-loving group of Deliberate Creators who focus on loving life every day, knowing that all our dreams are on the way.

If you’re ready to get back your manifesting mojo and want to join a robust community of Deliberate Creators, then I welcome you to learn more. We’d love to have you in the Manifestor's Cafe!

Your mind is a garden,



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