Be more invested in your ALIGNMENT than the outcome

Here's a great story that illustrates the power of being in ALIGNMENT.

Lisa is one of my members in the Manifesting From The Heart community. She loves selling real estate in the Hamptons and had manifested a new buyer.

After a month of looking, the buyer found a house they loved and made an offer. Another buyer came along and made a more significant, better offer to the seller, which the seller took.

You know that feeling when you find the thing you want, and suddenly you can't have it! It's the worst. Ugh!

Lisa and her client were disappointed, and there was nothing they could do. They made the best offer they could.

I spoke with Lisa on our Wednesday night call, and she said she was going to try to finagle the deal. I said, "Don't finagle the deal line up your energy with what you want. You have to be more invested in your ALIGNMENT than the outcome. Find the feeling of it working out for you and your client."

It's not about finagling. It's about your alignment and shifting your Point of Attraction. Lisa and her client had every reason to be disappointed and upset the house was being sold to somebody else.

But when you remember that everything is always working out for you and that there's always something to feel good about, those beliefs will bring you back into alignment with what you desire.

Most importantly, it's not letting the reality of any seemingly lousy situation bring you down. By changing your focus and remembering that everything is working out for you, you'll start to feel better.

A big mistake most people make when the reality of the situation goes wrong is to bitch and complain. That only makes it worse, and you start attracting more of what you don't want.

I told Lisa to let it go and start feeling good about all you have been doing for your clients. Get back into the feeling "AS IF" the deal was going through. Imagine breathing life back into the deal.

Visualize and feel yourself going to the closing and your clients being thrilled with excitement. Visualize and feel that everything is working out for you and your client.

A week goes by, and the other buyer's offer falls through. Lisa and her client's offer is accepted, and they closed last week. WooHoo! This ALIGNMENT stuff works!

The moral of the story is. Don't let reality dictate how you feel. Remember, you create reality. Stay in alignment with the reality that you desire. You have to be more invested in your ALIGNMENT than the outcome.

What situation are you facing now that does not look good? What if you changed your focus, thoughts, and beliefs? What if you imagined things working out for you? What if you started taking acting and feeling better about your situation?

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You got this!


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