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How to find a way no matter what


No matter what!

There is always a way.

There is always a path that will take you to your dreams.

What is that path? Watch the video to find out! LOL

In 51 seconds you will KNOW the way!


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Stop doing this one thing to manifest faster


If I had a magic wand and I could bless everyone with one wish or power. It would be to stop being so hard on yourself!

You have an army of angels around you.

Supporting you. Loving you. Guiding...

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All I see is LOVE

When I look at you all I see is love.

Love is the answer.

Love is who you are.

Let your love guide you like a star!

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You are beautiful through and through

andy dooley art Sep 09, 2020

It's ALL about how you are FEELING right now!

If you can let the feeling of what you desire fill you up, your desire will be quick to manifest.

The feeling is first, the manifestation is second.


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"My whole life, I've been playing small."

Rachel said, "My whole life, I've been playing small."

Have you been playing small?

Everything is changing. Now is the time to RISE UP into the new energy on Planet Earth.

Now is the time...

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Unfulfilled desires, UGH!

Do you appreciate your unfulfilled desires?

For most people, the answer is NO! It's annoying and frustrating. Where's my lover, money, exciting career, and world travel?

Everything you and I want...

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The golden rule of manifesting

I asked her, "have you ever loved someone so much you would do anything to make them happy?"

You've heard of The Golden Rule - treat others as you want to be treated. 

Have you heard of...

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Light up the world by living from the heart

Light up the world
By living from the heart
Step into your creative love
Discover your lies and truth
Your heart is calling you
Let go of your limitations
Every desire has been answered



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How to manifest faster


Everyone wants to manifest faster.

In this 60 second video, you will learn what you are doing wrong so you can manifest faster.

We are manifesting all the time. But when it comes to the BIG...

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This one decision will determine your destiny


My video is blowing up on Tik-Tok!

It went from 15K views to 64K in a few days.

It's gotten 25K hearts, and I have about 3000 new followers on Tik-Tok who enjoy the Law of Attraction and my positive...

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