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Home Alone Dance Party Video 15 seconds LOL


This year instead of spending time with my family, playing with my niece and nephew and drinking some crazy holiday drink I stayed home and had a dance party!

Check out my Awesome Goals...

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Three Invisible Blocks Stopping You

I was speaking with Michelle on the phone, and she said, "I don't know what I'm doing." But after a few minutes of speaking with her and asking questions, what I got was this.

She doesn't want to...

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Your Future Self Is Living The Dream


Congrats on losing the weight, manifesting your sexy soul mate!

Love your new business, you're making people's lives so much better.

And way to go with 1 million follower on TIK TOK.  You have...

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Take BACk Your Life

"If you want resurrection, you must have a crucifixion."

When Joseph Campbell said that, there's no way he could have predicted that we would ALL have a crucifixion during 2020.

The good news?


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I just saw YOUR Future


Get your passport ready. 

Buy a bigger bed and get your dancing shoes ready!

This is how you speak yourself into alignment.


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Be more invested in your ALIGNMENT than the outcome

Here's a great story that illustrates the power of being in ALIGNMENT.

Lisa is one of my members in the Manifesting From The Heart community. She loves selling real estate in the Hamptons...

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The Best Affirmation For Having It All


I am believing it, knowing it and FEELING IT! And allowing it to happen!

Say this until you FEEL a shift in your vibe.

Have a happy day!


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The root of what's stopping you

We all get stuck in repeating patterns Andy!

Manifesting the same mistakes and attracting the same type of problems. No fun.

I’m ready to let the cat out of the bag!


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How To Handle Rejection!


Learn more about transforming your point of attraction. =>> Go see

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Change this one thing and everything changes


Watch the other video here to learn how you can change your point of attraction.

Thanks for watching :-)

Happy love,

- Andy

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