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The Best Affirmation For Having It All


I am believing it, knowing it and FEELING IT! And allowing it to happen!

Say this until you FEEL a shift in your vibe.

Have a happy day!


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The root of what's stopping you

We all get stuck in repeating patterns Andy!

Manifesting the same mistakes and attracting the same type of problems. No fun.

I’m ready to let the cat out of the bag!


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How To Handle Rejection!


Learn more about transforming your point of attraction. =>> Go see

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Change this one thing and everything changes


Watch the other video here to learn how you can change your point of attraction.

Thanks for watching :-)

Happy love,

- Andy

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There Is Nothing Wrong With You!


Life is a rollercoaster ride of emotions Julie!

And life would be boring without the ability to feel your emotions.

Emotions are guidance. And behind every emotion is a...

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The Law of Attraction explained in 15 seconds


When you bitch and complain you attract more of the same.

When you compliment and appreciate you elevate your state.

Focus on love, gratitude and appreciation.

That’s how you manifest any...

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The Becoming of You Is Happening!


BONUS SLOW MOTION VIDEO: When we SLOW DOWN we can see the magic we are. We can see the beauty in ourselves and others.

Watch a different slow motion video here!

Voice over credit...

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Believe In Your Dreams And Fly


Watch the other Law of Attraction video here

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Harrison Ford. From Carpenter to Mega Movie Star.


This story illustrates that, The Universe Always Has Your Back.

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Try this new affirmation and watch how fast you start manifesting


This is one of my favorite affirmations for getting in-synch with your desires and manifesting fast!

I have manifested new clients, friends, money, and adventure by using this...

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